Hasuwa Inn



Japanese Inn (Hasuwa Inn)
Hasuwa Inn

  A traditional -style Japanese guest house near the Yufu mountain range in Japan.

 Natural clear odourless hot spa waters combine with tranquil scenery to provide calming and healthy relaxation.

 Reserve for your enjoyment our open air hot spring baths, 'Flower Spa' and Japanese cypress 'Love Spa', very popular with both families and couples. Also two open air baths.

 The price is 6,500yen including tax and no meals.
 The price is 8,900yen including breakfast, dinner and tax per one person.


The Kitchen

 You may choose three kind of meals while you are been entertained by us.

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Turtle *

* Turtle is our speciality !

Suppon (snapping turtle)
 The natural hot spring waters with a diet including suppon are believed to be an excellent formular for healthy and beautiful skin.
"Turtle Pot" is the house speciality.



Yufuin is a beautiful country town where the visitor can forget the stress and noise of city life.. A dip in one of the many hot-spring baths ,a look at the tranquil temples or shrines or simply a stroll through the streets or along the river banks,is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and at peace

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